No. 135, September 2019
Roger Guesnerie: An Hors Catégorie Career (pp. 1-55)
Laurent Linnemer
Asymmetry, Fat-tail and Autoregressive Conditional Density in Daily Stocks Return Data (pp. 57-68)
Ali Babikir and Mohammed Elamin Hassan and Henry Mwambi
To Migrate With or Without Ones Children in China – That is the Question (pp. 69-88)
Yiwen Chen and Vincent Fromentin and Benteng Zou
The Estimation of Price Elasticities and the Value of Time in a Domestic Production Framework: an Application using French Micro-Data (pp. 89-120)
François Gardes
Foreign Direct Investment and the Organization of French Firms (pp. 121-156)
Catherine Laffineur
The Macroeconomic Consequences of Bank Capital Requirements (pp. 157-187)
Pablo Garcia
Obituary: Georges Bourdallé (1960–2019) (pp. 187-187)
Francis Kramarz and Laurent Linnemer