Special issue on Advances in Structural Microeconometrics – Call for Papers

Guest Editors : Thierry Magnac (TSE), Arnaud Maurel (Duke) and Matt Shum (Caltech)


No. 137, March 2020
News! (pp. 1-2)
Laurent Linnemer
Games with Incomplete Information: From Repetition to Cheap Talk and Persuasion (pp. 3-30)
Françoise Forges
The Golden Rule of Capital Accumulation with Workers Remittances (pp. 31-64)
Nicolas Destrée
The Fiscal Theory of the Price Level in a Non-Ricardian Economy (pp. 65-82)
Rym Aloui and Michel Guillard
Adaptive Bayesian Estimation in Indirect Gaussian Sequence Space Models (pp. 83-116)
Jan Johannes and Anna Simoni and Rudolf Schenk
Private and Public Education: Do Parents Care About School Quality? (pp. 117-144)
Marine de Talancé