Special issue on Advances in Structural Microeconometrics – Call for Papers

Guest Editors : Thierry Magnac (TSE), Arnaud Maurel (Duke) and Matt Shum (Caltech)


No. 136, December 2019
Model Risk Management: Limits and Future of Bayesian Approaches (pp. 1-26)
J.P. Florens and C. Gourieroux and A. Monfort
Wealth Inequality and Homeownership in Europe (pp. 27-54)
Leo Kaas and Georgi Kocharkov and Edgar Preugschat
On Outsourced Abatement Services: Market Power and Efficient Regulation (pp. 55-78)
Damien Sans and Sonia Schwartz and Hubert Stahn
Welfare Improving Cartel Formation in a Union-Oligopoly Static Framework (pp. 79-102)
Minas Vlassis and Maria Varvataki
The Effects of Breast Cancer on Individual Labour Market Outcomes: An Evaluation from an Administrative Panel in France (pp. 103-126)
Thomas Barnay and Emmanuel Duguet and Christine Le Clainche