Special issue Annals of Economics and Statistics

Guest Editors:

Stéphane Auray (CREST_Ensai & Rennes School of Business)
Raouf Boucekkine (Rennes School of Business & Aix-Marseille School of Economics)
François Le Grand (Rennes School of Business)
Laurent Linnemer (CREST-Ensae)

The 9-th CEAFE/MWET (Conférence Euro-Africaine en Finance et Economie/ Mediterranean Workshop in Economic Theory) took place in Rennes School of Business on 3-4 of June 2024. CEAFE/MWET aims to enrich our scientific knowledge on the economic and financial problems arising in modern societies, bringing together researchers working in the frontier of knowledge in the areas of Economics and Finance. It covers a wide diversity of methods (theoretical, empirical and experimental) and scientific topics (e.g., theoretical economics, financial economics, political economics, industrial organization, normative economics, public economics, international economics, macroeconomics, labor market, environmental economics, microeconomics, mathematical economics, networks, welfare, social choice, quantitative finance, applied econometrics, financial markets and banking, fiscal and monetary policy, economic growth, development economics, business and financial cycles) to push forward the frontier of scientific knowledge in the areas of Economics and Finance.

A special issue of Annals of Economics and Statistics will publish selected papers presented during this conference.

More information on the conference may be found on the website: https://ceafe-mwet.sciencesconf.org/

Important dates:

– Deadline for submissions: 1st September 2024
– Expected publication of the special issue: March 2025

Note that we will commit to a short lag between the initial submission and publication of the special issue. As a result, we plan to offer revisions only to papers that we will expect to be publishable after changes that can be implemented in a relatively short amount of time.

Papers should be submitted through Editorial Express (https://editorialexpress.com/aes). Please accompany your submission with a brief cover letter mentioning that it should be considered for possible publication in the special issue CEAFE/MWET.