NUMBER 128 – December 2017

Introduction to the Special Issue on Inverse Problems in Econometrics (pp. 1-3)
Jean-Pierre Florens and Anna Simoni

Adaptive Non-Parametric Instrumental Regression in the Presence of Dependence (pp. 5-66)
Nicolas Asin and Jan Johannes

Cross-Validation Selection of Regularisation Parameter(s) for Semiparametric Transformation Models (pp. 67-108)
Senay Sokullu and Sami Stouli

Efficient Estimation Using Regularized Jackknife IV Estimator (pp. 109-149)
Marine Carrasco and Mohamed Doukali

A Specification Test for Nonparametric Instrumental Variable Regression (pp. 151-202)
Patrick Gagliardini and Olivier Scaillet

Bias-Corrected Confidence Intervals in a Class of Linear Inverse Problems (pp. 203-228)
Jean-Pierre Florens, Joël L. Horowitz and Ingrid Van Keilegom

An Inverse Problem: Recovery of a Distribution Using Wasserstein Barycenter (pp. 229-259)
Eustasio Del Barrio, Jean-Michel Loubes and Bruno Pelletier

Semiparametric Varying Coefficient Models with Endogenous Covariates (pp. 261-295)
Samuele Centorrino and Jeffrey S. Racine