NUMBER 127 – September 2017

Editorial: On the Road Again (with New Tyres) (pp. 1-7)
Laurent Linnemer

Measuring Consumer Behavior Using Experimental Data (pp. 9-31)
Philippe Février and Michael Visser

Mobile Access Charges and Collusion under Asymmetry (pp. 33-60)
Edmond Baranes, Stefan Behringer and Jean-Christophe Poudou

Fixed Cost, Variable Cost, Markups and Returns to Scale (pp. 61-94)
Xi Chen and Bertrand M. Koebel

The Size and Evolution of the Government Spending Multiplier in France (pp. 95-122)
Guillaume Cléaud, Matthieu Lemoine and Pierre-Alain Pionnier

Market and Welfare Effects of Big Box Retail Entry in a Linear City Model with Oligopolistic Competition (pp. 123-161)
Rasha Ahmed, Mark Stater and Michael S. Visser

Joint Design of Emission Tax and Trading Systems (pp. 163-201)
Bernard Caillaud and Gabrielle Demange