NUMBER 121 / 122 – June 2016

The Repairman Problem Revisited (pp. 7-24)
Claude Crampes and Jérôme Renault

Dual Sourcing under Risky Public Procurement (pp. 25-44)
Vanessa Valero

Hawks and Doves in Segmented Markets: Profit Maximization with Varying Competitive Aggressiveness (pp. 45-66)
Claude d’Aspremont, Rodolphe Dos Santos Ferreira and Jacques Thépot

Health Prevention and Savings: How to Deal with Fatalism? (pp. 67-90)
Johanna Etner and Meglena Jeleva

Aggregation with Cournot Competition: An Empirical Investigation (pp. 91-119)
Bertrand Koebel and François Laisney

“One Muslim is Enough!” Evidence from a Field Experiment in France (pp. 121-160)
Claire L. Adida, David D. Laitin and Marie-Anne Valfort

Evaluating the Effect of Ownership Status on Hospital Quality: The Key Role of Innovative Procedures (pp. 161-186)
Laurent Gobillon and Carine Milcent

Why Not Allow Individuals to Rank Freely? A Scaled Rank-Ordered Logit Approach Applied to Waste Management in Corsica (pp. 187-212)
Olivier Beaumais, Anne Casabianca, Xavier Pieri and Dominique Prunetti

Spatial Competition in the French Supermarket Industry (pp. 213-259)
Stéphane Turolla

Climatic Conditions and Productivity: An Impact Evaluation in Pre-industrial England (pp. 261-277)
Stéphane Auray, Aurélien Eyquem and Frédéric Jouneau-Sion

Immigration Policy and Macroeconomic Performance in France (pp. 279-308)
Hippolyte d’Albis, Ekrame Boubtane and Dramane Coulibaly

Strong Sustainability, Rent and Value-Added Sharing (pp. 309-358)
Jean-François Fagnart, Marc Germain and Alphonse Magnus

The Effects of Government Spending Endogeneity on Estimated Multipliers in the U.S. (pp. 359-384)
Alban Moura

Should Low-Wage Workers Care About Where They Work? Assessing the Impact of Employer Characteristics on Low-Wage Mobility (pp. 385-413)
Nicole Guertzgen and Anja Heinze