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Issue 6/7 - Issue spécial (Avril - Septembre 1987)


Issue 11 - Issue spécial (Juillet - Septembre 1988)


Issue 15/16 - Issue spécial (Juillet - Décembre 1989)




Issue 25/26 - Issue spécial (Janvier - Juin 1992)



Issue 34 (Avril - Juin 1994)


Issue 37/38 - Issue spécial (Janvier - Juin 1995)

Partie 1 – Origines et effets de la rigidité réelle du salaire

Partie 2 – Origines et effets des rigidités nominales

Partie 3 – Complémentarités stratégiques et défauts de coordination

Partie 4 – Modèles d’équilibre général statiques

Partie 5 – Modèles d’équilibre général dynamiques

Issue 40 (Octobre - Décembre 1995)

In Memoriam: Lise SALVAS-BRONSARD 1940-1995

Partie 2


Issue 41/42 - Issue spécial (Janvier - Juin 1996)

Partie 1 – Analyse des flux de travailleurs et demande de travail

Partie 2 – Syndicats

Partie 3 – Politiques de gestion des ressources humaines et marché des biens

Partie 4 – Politiques de rémunération


Issue 45 - Issue spécial (Janvier - Mars 1997)


Issue 49/50 - Issue spécial (Janvier - Juin 1998)

    • David ENCAOUA, François LAISNEY, Jacques MAIRESSEAvant-propos
    • David ENCAOUA, François LAISNEY, Jacques MAIRESSEForeword

Partie 1 – Effets globaux de l’innovation

Partie 2 – Recherche scientifique publique

Partie 3 – Droits de propriété intellectuelle et brevets

Partie 4 – Standardisation dans les réseaux

Partie 5 – Investissements en R&D et productivité

Partie 6 – Profits de l’innovation

Partie 7 – Externalités


Issue 53 (Janvier - Mars 1999)

Issue 55/56 (Juillet - Décembre 1999)


Issue 60 - Issue Spécial (Octobre - Décembre 2000)


Issue 63/64 (Juillet - Décembre 2001)


Issue 65 (Janvier - Mars 2002)

    • Thierry MAGNAC, David THESMAREmpirical Analysis of an Education Policy: The Rise in School Attendance in France in the 1980s
    • Vincent BARTHELEMY, Bruno DECREUSEEducation, Qualification and Employment
    • Nicolas MOREAU, Olivier DONNIEstimation of a Collective Model of Labour Supply with Taxation
    • Fernando JARAMILLO, Fabien MOIZEAUInequality; Social Mobility and Growth
    • Morgane CHEVÉ, Katheline SCHUBERTThe Optimal Growth of a Polluting Economy: Economic versus Ecological Sustainability
    • Pierre-André JOUVET, Philippe MICHEL, Jean-Pierre VIDALProperty Rights on Environmental Assets and Capital Accumulation: A Coasian Perspective
    • Zoubir BENHAMOUCHEProductive Structure and Procyclical Productivity
    • Marcel BOYER, Armel JACQUES, Michel MOREAUXObservation, Flexibility and Industry Technological Structure
    • Hubert STAHNNetwork Externalities, Coordination Failures and Non-Standardization
    • Badi H. BALTAGI, Seuck Heun SONG, Byoung Cheol JUNGLM Tests for the Unbalanced Nested Panel Data Regression Model with Serially Correlated Errors

Issue 67/68 (Juillet - Décembre 2002)


Issue 71/72 - Issue spécial (Juillet - Décembre 2003)

Special Issue ‘Discrimination and Unequal Outcome’

Part I – Ethnicity – Language

Part II – Residential Segregation, spatial mismatch and crime

Part III – Gender and skills

Part IV – Statistical Discrimination and Imperfect Information


Issue 75/76 - Issue spécial (Juillet - Décembre 2004)

Special Issue ‘Public economics’

Part I – Taxation

Part II – Biens collectifs

Part III – Politiques publiques

Part IV – Économie politique


Issue 79/80 - Issue spécial (Juillet - Décembre 2005)

Contributions in memory of Zvi Griliches

Editors’ note : Jacques MAIRESSE – Manuel TRAJTENBERG
James HECKMAN – Contributions of Zvi Griliches

Part I – Econometric Issues

  • Jinyong HAHN – Jerry HAUSMAN – Estimation with Valid and Invalid Instruments

Part II – Science, Research, Innovation, Spillovers and Patents

  • James ADAMS – J. Roger CLEMMONS – Paula E. STEPHAN – Standing on Academic Shoulders: Measuring Scientific Influence in Universities
  • Ashih ARORA – Alfonso GAMBARDELLA – The Impact of NSF Support for Basic Research In Economics
  • Lee BRANSTETTER – Exploring the Link Between Academic Science and Industrial
  • Innovation
  • Michael DARBY – Lynne G. ZUCKER – Grilichesian Breakthroughs: Inventions of Methods of Inventing and Firm Entry in Nanotechnology
  • Jeffrey FURMAN, Margaret K. KYLE, Iain COCKBURN – Rebecca M. HENDERSON – Public & Private Spillovers: Location and the Productivity of PharmaceuticalResearch
  • Stefano BRESCHI – Francesco LISSONI – “Cross-firm” Inventors and Social Networks: Localised Knowledge Spillovers Revisited
  • Panoma SANYAL – Adam B. JAFFE – Peanut Butter Patents versus the New Economy: Does the Increased Rate of Patenting Signal More Invention or Just Lower Standards?
  • David ENCAOUA – Yassine LEFOUILI – Choosing Intellectual Protection: Imitation, Patent Strength and Licensing Agreement

Part III – Human Capital

  • Reuben GRONAU – Zvi Griliches’ Contribution to the Theory of Human Capital
  • Eli BERMAN – Rohini SOMANATHAN – Hong W. TAN – Is Skill Biased Technological Change Here Yet? Evidence from India Manufacturing in the 1990’s
  • John M. ABOWD – Francis KRAMARZ – Human Capital and Worker Productivity: Direct Evidence from Linked Employer-Employee Data

Part IV – Productivity and Firm Panel Data

  • Bronwyn H. HALL – Measuring the Returns to R&D: the Depreciation Problem
  • Jeffrey BERNSTEIN – Theofanis P. MAMUNEAS – Depreciation Estimation, R&D Capital Stock, and North American Manufacturing Productivity Growth
  • Haim REGEV – Life Cycle, Innovation and Firm Productivity: Israeli Manufacturing Firms,1955-1999
  • Stephen BOND – Dietmar HARHOFF – John VAN REENEN – Investment, R&D and Financial Constraints in Britain and Germany
  • Pierre BLANCHARD – Jean Pierre HUIBAN – Patrick SEVESTRE – R&D and Productivity in Corporate Groups: An Empirical Investigation Using a Panel of French Firms
  • Jacques MAIRESSE – Pierre MOHNEN – Elizabeth KREMP – The Importance of R&D and Innovation for Productivity: A Reexamination in Light of the 2000 French Innovation Survey
  • Kevin STIROH – Reassessing the Impact of IT in the Production Function: A Meta-Analysis and Sensitivity Tests
  • Bruno CRÉPON – Thomas HECKEL – Nicolas RIEDINGER – Did Information Technologies Shift Upward Multifactor Productivity in the 90s? Evidence from French Firm Level Data
  • Bruno CRÉPON – Rozen DESPLATZ – Jacques MAIRESSE – Price-Cost Margins and Rent Sharing: Evidence from a Panel of French Manufacturing Firms

Part V – Diffusion of Innovations

  • Robert EVENSON – Yoav KISLEV – The Evenson-Kislev ‘Research as Search’ Model and the Green
  • Timothy F. BRESNAHAN – Pai-Lin YIN – Economic and Technical Drivers of Technology Choices: Browsers
  • Adriana LLERAS-MUNEY – Frank R. LICHTENBERG – Are the More Educated More Likely to Use New Drugs?
  • Brigitte DORMONT – Carine MILCENT – Innovation Diffusion under Budget Constraints: Microeconometric Evidence on Heart Attack in France

Part VI – Hedonics and Price Indices

  • Ariel PAKES – Hedonics and the Consumer Price Index
  • Frank M. FISHER – Price Index Aggregation: Plutocratic Weights, Democratic Weights, and Value Judgments
  • Erwin DIEWERT – Adjacent Period Dummy Variable Hedonic Regressions and Bilateral Index Number Theory
  • Alan G. WHITE – Jaison R. ABEL – Ernst R. BERNDT – Cory W. MONROE – Hedonic Price Indexes for Personal Computer Operating Systems and Productivity Suites


Issue 82 (Avril - Juin 2006)

Issue 83/84 - Issue spécial (Juillet - Décembre 2006)

Special Issue ‘Health – Insurance – Equity’

    • Nicolas GRAVEL, Lise ROCHAIX, Alain TRANNOYIntroduction

Part I – Health and Redistribution

Part II – Long term care and retirement

Part III – Incentives in the production of health care

Part IV – Incentives and insurance in the demand for health care


Issue 86 (Avril - Juin 2007)

Conférence des Annales 2007
(Journées doctorales de l’ADRES, les 19 et 20 Janvier 2007, tenues à Paris)

  • Georges ERHARDT – Matteo MARSILI – Fernando VEGA-REDONDOEmergence and resilience of social networks : a general theoretical framework
  • Francis BLOCHCommentaire
  • Tristan TOMALACommentaire

Conférence des Annales 2006
(Journées doctorales de l’ADRES, les 17 et 18 Mars 2006, tenues à Marseille)

  • Ken BINMOREMaking decisions in large worlds
  • Francis BLOCHCommentaire
  • Fabrice LE LEC – Alain LEROUXCommentaire
  • Stefan LollivierEndogénéité dans les modèles qualitatifs sur données longitudinales
  • Thierry Kamionka – Cyriaque EdonModélisation dynamique de la participation au marché du travail des femmes en couple
  • Hélène COUPRIE – Xavier JOUTARDContraintes horaires sur le marché du travail français: une caractérisation du sous-emploi et du sur-emploi féminin
  • Sébastien LOTZ – Andrei SHEVCHENKO – Christopher WALLER Intensive vs extensive margin tradeoffs in a simple monetary search model
  • Daniel LASKARGain de coordination et union monétaire

Appel à communication

Issue 87-88 (Juillet-Décembre 2007)

The Special Issue of the Annales d’Economie et de Statistique :
“Spatial Econometrics, Innovative Networks and Growth”

  • Introduction: Spatial Econometrics, Innovative Networks and GrowthCorinne Autant – Bernard – James Lesage – Nadine Massard

Part I – New Developments in Spatial Econometrics:

  • Badi H. BaLtagi – Peter Egger – Michael PfaffermayrA Monte Carlo Study for Pure and Pretest Estimators of a Panel Data Model with Spatially Autocorrelated Disturbances
  • Bernard Fingleton – Julie Le GalloFinite Sample Properties of Estimators of Spatial Models with Autoregressive, or Moving Average, Disturbances and System Feedback
  • Corinne Autant -Bernard – James LesageOlivier Parent – Firm Innovation Strategies: a Spatial Cohort Multinomial Probit Approach

Part II – Knowledge Spillovers and Growth. Macroeconomic Approach

  • Attila VargaFrom the Geography of Innovation to Development Policy Analysis: The GMR–approach
  • Valerien O. Pede – Raymond J.G.M. Florax – Henri L.F. de GrootTechnological Leadership, Human Capital and Economic Growth: a Spatial Econometric Analysis for US Counties, 1969–2003
  • Martin Andersson – Urban Gråsjö – Charlie KarlssonHuman Capital and Productivity in a Spatial Economic System – Relating the Extent of Spatial Dependence to Localities’ Position
  • Jacques Mairesse – Benoît MulkayAn Exploration of Local R&D Spillovers in France
  • Myriam Abdelmoula – Georges BressonSpatial and Technological Spillovers in European Patenting Activities: a Dynamic Count Panel Data Model

Part III – Knowledge Spillovers and Growth. Microeconomic Approach

  • Najoua Boufaden – Anne PlunketProximity and Innovation: Do Biotechnology Firms Located in the Paris Region Benefit from Localized Technological Externalities ?
  • Emilie–Pauline Gallié – Diègo LegrosSpatial Spillovers in France: a Study on Individual Count Data at the City Level
  • Francesco Aiello – Paola CardamoneAgain on the Impact of R&D Spillovers at Firm Level in Italy

Part IV – Collaborative Networks

  • Nicolas Carayol – Pascale RouxThe Strategic Formation of Interindividual Collaboration Networks. Evidence from Co-invention Patterns
  • Julio M. Rosa – Pierre MohnenKnowledge Transfers between Canadian
  • Business Enterprises and Universities: Does Distance Matter?
  • Sandra Phlippen – Massimo RICCABONIRadical Innovation and Network
  • Evolution. The Effect of the Genomic Revolution on the Evolution of the Pharmaceutical R&D Network
  • Caroline Hussler – Patrick RondeExplaining the Geography of Copatenting

in the Scientific Community: a Social Network Analysis


Issue 89 (Janvier - Mars 2008)

  • Frédéric KOESSLER, Françoise FORGESTransmission stratégique de l’information et certification
  • David ETTINGERPrivatisation des sociétés d’autoroute et marché aval
  • Marc BAUDRYUn modèle canonique d’option réelle bayesienne et son application au principe de précaution
  • Frédéric GAVREL, Isabelle LEBONFiring Costs, Payroll Taxes and Unemployement
  • Hervé BOULHOLThe Upward Bias of Markups Estimated from the Price-Based Methodology
  • Jérôme FONCEL, Marc IVALDIEconometric Modeling of holding and Usage of Differentiated Products: an Application of Telephones
  • Guillaume HORNY, Dragana DJURDJEVIC, Bernhard BOOCKMANN, François LAISNEYBayesian Estimation of Cox Models with Non-nested Random Effects: an Application to the Ratification Of ILO Conventions by Developing Countries
  • Christian M. HAFNER, Helmut HERWARTZTesting for Causality in Variance Usinf Multivariate GARCH Models

Issue 90 (April - June 2008)

  • Marc-Arthur DIAYE – François GARDES – Christophe STARZECGARP violation, Economic Environment Distortions and Shadow Prices: Evidence from Household Expenditure Panel Data
  • Serge GARCIA – Marcel BOYERRégulation et mode de gestion : une étude econométrique sur les prix et la performance dans le secteur de l’eau potable
  • Fabien TRIPIERCroissance optimale fondée sur la R&D : Combien pour la recherche et combien pour le développement ?
  • Ferdinand COSTES – Vincent MARTINET – Gilles ROTILLONLois de conservation économiques et développement durable
  • Fabrice COLLARD – Omar LICANDRO – Luis A. PUCHThe short-run Dynamics of Optimal Growth Model with Delays
  • Jonathan B. HILLConsistent and Non Degenerate Model Specification Tests Against Smooth Transition and Neural Network Alternatives
  • Audrey DESBONNETAllocation chômage : entre efficacité et égalité
  • Mickael BEAUDLe coût social marginal des fonds publics en France
  • David ETTINGERAuctions and Shareholdings
  • Xavier D’HAULTFOEUILLE – Fabien DELLMeasuring the Evolution of Complex Indicators: Theory and Application to the Poverty Rate in France

Issue 91-92 (July - December 2008)

The Special Issue of Annales d’Economie et de Statistique :
“Econometric Evaluation of Public Policies: Methods and Applications”

Edited by Bruno Crépon and Denis Fougère

  • IntroductionDenis FOUGÈRE – Bruno CRÉPON – Econometric Evaluation of Public Policies: Methods and Applications

Conférence des Annales 2005:
(Conférence de l’ADRES ; Paris, 14th of December 2005)

James J. HECKMAN – The Principles Underlying Evaluation Estimators with an Application to Matching

1st Discussion : Jean-Pierre FLORENS
2nd Discussion : Michael LECHNER

Part I – Methods

  • Charles F. MANSKI – Studying Treatment Response to Inform Treatment Choice
  • Sophie LANGENSKIÖLD – Donald B. RUBIN – Outcome-free Design of Observational Studies: Peer Influence on Smoking
  • Thomas D. COOK – Vivian C. WONG – Empirical Tests of the Validity of the Regression Discontinuity Design: Implications for its Theory and its Use in Research Practice
  • James J. HECKMAN – Sergio URZUA – Edward VYTLACIL – Instrumental Variables in Models with Multiple Outcomes: The General Unordered Case
  • Alberto ABADIE – Guido W. IMBENS – Estimation of the Conditional Variance in Paired Experiments
  • Jose C. GALDO – Jeffrey SMITH – Dan BLACK – Bandwidth Selection and the Estimation of Treatment Effects with Unbalanced Data
  • Michael LECHNER – A Note on the Common Support Problem in Applied Evaluation Studies

Part II – Applications

  • Robert MOFFITT – Estimating Marginal Treatment Effects in Heterogeneous Populations
  • Petra E. TODD – Kenneth I. WOLPIN – Ex Ante Evaluation of Social Programs
  • Bernard FORTIN – Nicolas JACQUEMET – Bruce SHEARER – Policy Analysis in Health-Services Market: Accounting for Quality and Quantity
  • Bernd FITZENBERGER – Aderonke OSIKOMINU – Robert VÖLTER – Get Training or Wait? Long-Run Employment Effects of Training Programs for the Unemployed in West Germany
  • Thierry KAMIONKA – Guy LACROIX – Assessing the External Validity of an Experimental Wage Subsidy
  • Annette BERGEMANN – Gerard J. VAN DEN BERG – Active Labor Market Policy Effects for Women in Europe – A Survey
  • Stacey H. CHEN – Estimating Effective Subsidy Rates of Student Aid Programs
  • Christian BELZIL – Testing the Specification of the Mincer Wage Equation

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