NUMBER 119 / 120 – December 2015


Edited by Sylvie Blasco, Pierre-Jean Messe, Eve Caroli and Maarten Lindeboom

Introduction to the Special Issue on Health and Labour Economics (pp. 9-11)
Sylvie Blasco, Pierre-Jean Messe, Eve Caroli and Maarten Lindeboom

Is Work Bad for Health? The Role of Constraint versus Choice (pp. 13-37)
Andrea Bassanini and Eve Caroli

The Impact of a Disability on Labour Market Status: A Comparison of the Public and Private Sectors (pp. 39-64)
Thomas Barnay, Emmanuel Duguet, Christine Le Clainche, Mathieu Narcy and Yann Videau

Mental Health and Asset Choices (pp. 65-94)
Maarten Lindeboom and Mariya Melnychuk

The Effect of a Compulsory Schooling Reform on Disability Pensioning – Evidence from the Danish Registers (pp. 95-121)
Nabanita Datta Gupta and Steen Bengtsson

Childhood Sporting Activities and Adult Labour-Market Outcomes (pp. 123-148)
Charlotte Cabane and Andrew E. Clark

Does It Pay to Be a General Practitioner in France? (pp. 149-178)
Brigitte Dormont and Anne-Laure Samson

Does Moving to a System with a More Generous Public Health Insurance Increase Medical Care Consumption? (pp. 179-205)
Laurent Davezies and Léa Toulemon


Welcome to the new website of the Annals of Economics and Statistics. The launch of this site gives me the opportunity to review some significant recent changes which reflect the development of the journal. After switching to English in 2010, the Annals of Economics and Statistics is now taking a step further in 2015 by participating in the JSTOR Current Scholarship Program (CSP). Now readers can access the journal in both electronic and print versions. The JSTOR CSP includes distinguished academic journals, and we are proud to be a member of this very selective group. The Annals of Economics and Statistics is 45 years old and has achieved a well-established scientific reputation, with some of its articles quoted many times. Our goal is, of course, to maintain this high standing, but also to increase the international visibility of the journal. Participating in the JSTOR CSP will be an important asset for accomplishing this mission. The Annals of Economics and Statistics will continue to publish refereed articles in all fields of economic theory, econometrics, and applied economics, either as feature articles or in special issues with various Guest Editors. We strive to improve the management of manuscripts and submissions by making the maximal effort to reach a decision before three months. In terms of organization, the list of Associate Editors has been partially modified with the arrival of several talented young economists, and the Board of Directors has been completely renewed. I firmly believe these evolutions are leading us in the right direction, and that they will contribute to the success and vitality of our journal.

Pierre Picard | Editor

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