Instructions for Preparing Articles for Publication in AES

This page describes the instructions for preparing papers for publication in AES.


When a paper is accepted, the Coeditor notifies the Editor.  The Editor will coordinate the final steps of the files from the authors.

Submitting final versions: Please note that in order to avoid delays in publication, in case there are extensive changes after acceptance authors should bring these to the attention of the coeditor who handled the manuscript, together with a brief explanation of the changes, before sending the final version to the managing editor.

The final version of accepted papers, prepared as described in Essentials of manuscript preparation for publication below.

References cited in all published papers must be published, available in a stable public archive (like SSRN), or provided by the authors of the manuscript at the time of final publication. (Editors may grant exceptions to this policy.)

Author checking of proofs: After the paper is typeset, the author is asked to review the proofs.

There is no publication fees.


Enumerate and label sections, subsections, equations, tables, definitions, etc., clearly and without redundancies to facilitate finding cross references. Only number equations to which there is a subsequent reference.

Use the LaTeX \label{} and \ref{} commands.

Do not use location references (“graphed in the figure after theorem 1). Try to avoid using references that are not completely transparent (e.g., “the above condition is called condition M…see condition M,” “as in the table describing the domestic data,” or “the main theorem shows”).


A good guide is the article:  Thomson, William. “The young person’s guide to writing economic theory.” Journal of Economic Literature 37.1 (1999): 157-183.

Avoid unnecessary hyphenation; many hyphenated words can be treated as one or two words.

Avoid starting a sentence with lower case mathematical symbols or equation numbers.

Appendices should be given a content heading, especially if there is more than one appendix (e.g., Appendix A: Proof of Proposition 1).


The use of BibTeX and \cite{} commands are mandatory.

Figures and tables

Electronic files of all illustrations (no matter how simple) must be provided by the author. Include all labels and keys appearing within the figures and on the axes. The figures should be generated in black (no colors) for printing. However, if color figures are also provided they will be used for the online version of the article.


Articles are formatted according to our LaTeX package style.

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