NUMBER 130 – June 2018

Jean-Michel Grandmont: Not Playing Second Fiddle (pp. 1-34)
Laurent Linnemer and Michael Visser

Introduction: Housing Economics and Urban Policies (pp. 35-38)
Laurent Gobillon and Florence Goffette-Nagot

From Latin Quarter to Montmartre: Investigating Parisian Real Estate Prices (pp. 39-68)
Mathide Poulhes

Access to the City Center and Housing Vacancies in the Suburbs (pp. 69-100)
Brahim Boualam

Impact of a Housing Tax Credit on Local Housing Markets: Evidence from France (pp. 101-131)
Guillaume Chapelle, Benjamin Vignolles and Clara Wolf

The Negative and Persistent Impact of Social Housing on Employment (pp. 133-166)
Stéphane Gregoir and Tristan-Pierre Maury

Do Workers Make Good Neighbours? The Impact of Local Employment on Young Male and Female Entrants to the Labour Market (pp. 167-198)
Matthieu Solignac and Maxime Tô

Do Enterprise Zones Help Residents? Evidence from France (pp. 199-225)
Pauline Charnoz